Saturday, April 23, 2011

i'm BACK

hai hai haiiiiiii.....
i'm back guys. thanks to keep visit my blog..........btw MISS YOUUUUUU all....
i break from national exam (horror exam) grrrr....
national exam make me scared and you know what?????????
my friend there who get caught carrying handphone (omg sorry i can't help u girl). she crying but i'm happy to see she smile again. *skip
well, i know somepeople or all people use a cheat for NE, in the morning (day 1) all students gathered in the cafeteria school (until end) for (you know what). LOL *skip
my friend say:
when you Exam say bye for STRESS and say hi for cheat
ok i think inaf,,,, o o ow i'm forget.
guys.... please pray for me to get State University and i'll pray u back for ur wish

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