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Biography Shandy Sandoro

Sandhy Sondoro, was born on the island of Java, Indonesia. Came from a musical family, where the house provide the likes of American pop, folk, Jazz and blues tunes coming from his Mother’s or father’s guitar everyday. Those were the joy that shaped his talents . It is not traditional Indonesian music that influenced him but rather soul and blues. Sandhy Sondoro is not only an excellent singer, song writer, and guitar player he also has many other talents like drawing and cooking.
In Indonesia Sandhy Sondoro started to play in a band at high school. They did mostly covers of Van Halen and Mr. Big or The Black Crows. At the age of 18 he went to visit his uncle in California and stayed there for a while. Over a year later he went to Germany to study architecture. He first had to improve his German proficiency to be admitted at the university. He graduated in interior design but his passion for singing and playing the guitar was stronger than the wish to work in an office.
His first experience as a street musician was gained in Biberach on the Riss in Baden Wurttemberg in 1996. The international flair of Berlin attracted him and inspired him. In 1998 he moved back to Berlin and started his career as Sondoro singing and playing the guitar in bars, clubs and in the metro. His famous song Down on the streets was inspired by the experience gained in Berlins metro. He performs also in famous theatres like the House of World Cultures in Berlin, plays at music festivals like at the Bode museum isle festival. He has fans in Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart and many other places in Germany.
Sandhy Sondoro’s music is influenced by American and British rock legends like the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. The power of his voice reminds us of Curtis Mayfield und Marvin Gaye. Sandhy sings ballads which express love and his longing for peace. When singing rock songs his voice can turn into a powerful volcano that sounds like Joe Cocker or Roger Chapman. Sandhys voice is so flexible that he is sometimes called the Ben Harper ofJakarta. 
The Berlin-based artist Sandhy Sondoro was one of the participants in Stefan Raabs song contest SSDSDSSWEMUGABRTLAD and finally ranked 5th in December 2007. On April 25, 2008, he published his first CD Why Dont We. After this first TV success the number of visitors of his MYSPACE page increased every day. Messages come from Japan, Italy, UK, USA and of course from Indonesia.
Indonesian singer Sandy Sondoro and singer Ukraine Jamala (Susana Jamaladinova) finally established as a joint winner in the international festival of young singer of New Wave 2009 which was held on the beach Yurmala, Latvia. Both are eligible for prizes each 50,000 euros.
Indonesia Embassy press release for the Ukrainian on Wednesday, said, competition and Jamala and Shandy has seen since the first day of the festival which was broadcast live TV from Latvia Ukraine. The first day Shandy sang “When a Man Loves a Woman” while 119 scored on the second day Shandy brought his own song “My love” with the acquisition value of 238.
Jamala was favored because of the distinctive squeaky voice, also scored until the second day 238. On the third day, the song “End of the Rainbow” which was created Shandy get Standing Ovation of the whole audience and 12 juries gave perfect score, 10, so the value to 358. The same was obtained Jamala.
The first two winners of the presence of a new history of New Wave festival, held since 2002. As reported by the Segodnya newspaper in Kyiv, an hour before the award ceremony the committee finally agreed to add a 50,000-euro reward which have issued from the personal pockets of Igor Krutoi, chairman of the jury who pro Shandy.
Second place singing contest Italy, Antonello Karozza with prize 30,000 euros and third place, Mark Yusim from Russia, get 15,000 euros.
Russian music legend, Alla Pugacheva was also handed a special prize and the Golden Star Alla 50,000 Dollar to Ukrainian singer, Mila Nitic.
“For me winning is not the main thing; the most important is the public speech (Latvia) extraordinary, really beyond my expectations,” Shandy said as quoted from the Segodnya newspaper.
Festival international young singers 2009 New Wave followed by participants from Latvia, Kazakhstan, China, Italy, Indonesia, Poland, Finland, France, Ukraine and Russia. This festival is held annually on the beach Yurmala, Latvia is very popular in parts of Eastern Europe, especially former Soviet Union countries.
Competition juries consists of Russia’s leading celebrities, such as Valery Meladze, Nikolay Baskov, Igor Krutiy, Alla Pugachova, and Filip Kirkorov.

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