Saturday, January 1, 1994

.Who's Hello Putty.

God who created me as a daughter and i'm only HUMAN Photobucket i'm not perfect created not for the neglect most people think of something small posteriority unimportant from my little love to write short stories i really want to show it but i'm not sure of that

.Hello Who?.
she named Putri Rahmawati, people called her Putri or Putcoss. Putri94 is the name Instagram. Basically she's a not too happy with mathematics, economics, and history. Java bloody girl who lived and was born in Photobucketjakarta 01/01/1994 height 160(she hopes to grow tall to 168), weight 53kg (sometimes can come down and ride).

.Hello Fact.
she hated the crowds and darkness. she doesn't like mathematics, economics and history, cool, simple, tomboyish,  little idiot, like the movie Photobucket korea and japan, cheerful, forgetful, careless, moody, wasteful, drawing, listen music Photobucketcan not see clearly in darkness, trouble maker and anything  

.Hello Love.
Photobucket Shopping
Photobucket Hello Kitty
Photobucket Korean Drama
Photobucket Caramel Pudding

.Hello Wishlist.
Graduation from SHS
A new blogskin
Ranking in bimbel
Ranking in Class
New Phone
New Glasses
 SLR Canon
Goes to Japan and Korea
more taller (168)
faculty communication (broadcast / advertising)
have a boutique
creative team in TRANSTV
curly hair